You’ve Got This: Learn to love yourself and truly shine – in your teens and beyond with Tammy Darcy

Tammy Darcy is an award-winning social entrepreneur. She founded the Shona Project to provide a safe place for girls to seek guidance and advice on all the challenges associated with growing up in Ireland. Backed by a team of professional advisors, the website also provides girls with an opportunity to share their own stories and learn from each other. The Shona Project has also delivered workshops to almost 13,000 girls in schools across Ireland.

Today, Tammy joins me to share her story and mission. She explains why the teenage years are stressful and shares her personal experience. She notes the power of acknowledging that what you’re going through is hard and discusses what teenage girls really need. She talks about the benefits of therapy, discusses why she decided to go back to college, and explores the interconnectedness of the various elements of our well-being. She explains that she’s giving teenage girls what she needed when she was their age. She defines the E+R=O formula, noting the importance of how you respond to events.

“Mistakes don’t define you, and you’re deserving of good things.”
– Tammy Darcy

This week on In the Doctor’s Chair

  • Why the teenage years are stressful ones
  • Giving yourself space to grieve
  • What teenage girls need
  • The importance of acknowledgment
  • The benefits of therapy
  • The interconnectedness of the various elements of our well being
  • The E+R=0 formula

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