Date: November 3rd – November 10th 2023

Location: Asimina Suites Hotel, Pachos, Cyprus

About: Dr. Mark Rowe invites you to join him in Cyprus for an incredible week of ‘Living with Vitality.’

With so much stress and distraction in today’s world, ‘Living with Vitality’ will provide you with practical strategies to optimise your wellbeing, increase your healthspan, prevent burnout and live a life of more vitality for 2023 and beyond. ‘Live with Vitality’ uses the latest scientific evidence from lifestyle as medicine, incorporating the best from Western and Eastern approaches to health and wellbeing. From the West, the emerging evidence about the epigenome and your everyday lifestyle habits as ‘medicine’ for mind, body and soul. 

From the East, the skills of self compassion, mindful presence, and meditation as techniques to better embrace stress and enhance wellbeing. 

This wonderful wellbeing holiday will allow the participant to enjoy the breath taking vista from this beautiful beach front hotel set in a stunning waterfront location. Enjoy an excellent standard of service, accommodation and food. Learn in the company of Dr. Mark Rowe how living with more vitality can change your life.


‘Mark has a wonderful way of bringing a group together. We began as strangers and leave as new friends, encouraged by Marks openness, curiosity, enquiring mind and thoughtful content. Marks  kindness and clarity of purpose are present at all times and this provides a solid basis for the starting point of looking inwards to begin the process of reflection, self compassion and vitality. Mark has reminded us to love ourselves and be in the world, just as we are.’ – Patricia Burke .

‘Marks sessions provided a great opportunity for reflection as well as actionable tips and guidance on how to implement small changes. He is humble, kind and has a genuine interest in hearing what people have to say. He is also very knowledgeable and generous in sharing his time and learnings to those he is teaching.’ – Shauna Rowley.

‘I was blown away by the whole experience. Far surpassed my expectations.’ – Frances Dunphy.



sardinia wellbeing seminar

Date: June 11th – June 18th 2023

Location: The Galanias Hotel & Retreat

About: Dr Mark Rowe will host a wellbeing holiday next summer in the beautiful island of Sardinia. He will host a number of workshops including the Heart, Soul and Mind of Vitality.