Learn new skills and strategies to support what Dr. Rowe terms his ‘golden rule of self-care’.
Learn valuable insights from leading-edge medical science and positive psychology about:

Stress: Why it is your response to it that matters.

Psychological Fitness: Strengthen your mindset and sense of mindfulness.

Habits & Willpower: How to harness them for your benefit.

Emotional Vitality: Enhance your inner happiness, sense of fulfilment, and connect more with your purpose.

Food As Medicine: Gut-Brain Connections and Mental Health.

Relationships: How they impact on your wellbeing.

Lifestyle and Longevity: Living more by the ‘Blue Zone’ philosophy.

Living with Vitality™ is a nine-module programme, delivered virtually or by blended learning. Dr Rowe launches the programme in person or virtually depending on the client’s requirements. A programme prerequisite includes VitalityMark™ which benchmarks the individuals current VitalityMark™. This evaluation tool facilitates growth and development.

The World Health Organisation (1948) defines health as more than just the absence of disease but a state of complete physical, mental, and relational wellbeing.

Reflection and lived experience as a family doctor have led me beyond wellbeing to the concept of Vitality.  Looking back to embrace the Eastern wisdom of the TaoTeChing and timeless truths of philosophy. Looking forward at new understandings from Western science of optimal health, wellbeing and vitality.

From the West, the term vitality emanates from the Roman word ‘vita’ or life. It implies a feeling of aliveness and alertness, closely correlated with happiness and wellbeing.

From the East, the Indian notion of Prana, the Chinese concept of Chi and the Japanese idea of Ki, all refer to vitality as a life force that flows through all living things.

To live with vitality is to have positive emotional energy, radiant physical health, a resilient mind, with a powerful sense of purpose and meaning. Mind, body, emotion, spirit, and connection all underpinned by a strong sense of purpose. Understanding that the various elements of your vitality are deeply interconnected.

To live with vitality is an important element of authentic leadership; to lead with vision, values and vitality.

Leadership Triangle

The synergy of vision, values and vitality provides the essence of leadership that is transformational, authentic and sustainable.

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