#78 The Journey to Emotional & Chemical Sobriety with Tony Kelly

Tony Kelly is a comedian, actor, writer, and filmmaker from Waterford, Ireland. As a graduate and noted alumnus of the New York Film Academy, his debut standup album P.S. I hate You was released in 2012. Tony’s credits as an actor to date include Netflix’s The Alienist and BBC’s Primeval, as well as his starring role and debut as director in the feature film The Hurler – A Campion’s Tale, which is based on his multi-award-winning web series and play. Most recently, Tony has written, directed, and voiced multiple characters in the 10-part radio comedy series, Busy Tonight? and will soon release his first documentary film, Plastic Paddy – which he both wrote and directed.

Tony joins me today to share his story of battling drug and alcohol abuse. We discuss the misunderstandings and misconceptions society typically has around drug and alcohol addiction and why medical professionals and health organizations view addiction as a mental health issue. We discuss the struggles of trying to break addiction and what ‘emotional sobriety’ means. We discuss Tony’s challenges while recovering from addiction and his experiences with relapsing. Tony also shares his advice to others struggling with substance abuse and addiction, gratitude’s role in his road to recovery and sobriety, and his top 3 tips for developing peace of mind and creating a resilient mindset.

“You can be chemically sober if you want, but the disease is in the mind. It’s the thinking; it’s trying to almost get you from the inside.”
– Tony Kelly

This week on In the Doctor’s Chair:

  • Tony’s battle with drug and alcohol addiction
  • Why society typically doesn’t understand substance abuse
  • The challenges associated with trying to break an addiction and relapsing
  • The journey of chaos that is addiction
  • Understanding ‘emotional sobriety’ and why sobriety is about more than breaking an addiction
  • Why doctors are often at risk of developing an addiction
  • Tony’s decision to enter addiction rehabilitation
  • Tony’s advice to other people struggling with substance abuse and addiction
  • How gratitude impacts sobriety
  • Tony’s top 3 tips for developing peace of mind and creating a resilient mindset
  • Why the meaning of life for Tony is to simply be happy

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