Dr Mark Rowe’s proactive approach to wellness resonates with our core values at Sun Life. We help our clients achieve a lifetime of financial security and to live healthier lives. These two principles go hand in hand.

In 2018, we launched a program actively promoting healthy living & wellbeing internally in the business. Dr Mark Rowe was a key component of this initiative. To hear from a medical doctor, delivering this proactive approach to health & wellness as a preventative measure, and ‘not a pill for every ill’ resounds with our people across the globe. Mark brings concepts and measurable tools, along with his credibility as a practicing family doctor. People listen to Dr Rowe because he is scientific, and also because he has this piece around factual wellness which really cemented the importance of having Mark involved in our program delivery. We certainly look forward to future sessions.

Ilonda Downes
AVP International & Individual Insurance Operations at Sun Life Financial