Preparing for a Hybrid Workplace; Your Health and Wellbeing

The world of work has changed. For the past 18 months, COVID-19 has brought a blurring of the boundaries between “at work” and “away from work.” It’s now harder to switch off the business of life mentally, physically, or emotionally. The employee experience is now a key to decision-making more than ever before. All people are unique, and their needs will change depending on the person, project, and time. The hybrid model of working has the potential to optimize flexibility and choice, especially when enabled by technology to support a more holistic and inclusive experience regardless of whether you are in or out of the office.

Today, I talk about how you can optimize the hybrid model. I discuss what your job is as an employer and share four tips for how to be an effective leader for your employees. I share some research and studies on the subject, and I offer some tips for everyone working in a hybrid workspace, as well as some specifically for employees.

“The Chinese symbol for crisis also means opportunity, and I believe now there’s a tremendous opportunity for organizations to build on what they’ve learned already about remote working and to leverage that for the benefit of their people and for their organization.”
Dr. Mark Rowe

This week on In the Doctor’s Chair

  • The power of authentic values
  • The importance of listening to and learning from your people
  • Why the hybrid workspace is an opportunity to redesign and reimagine the status quo of work
  • The importance of creating psychological safety and building confidence in your team members
  • The value of self-care

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