Positive Lifestyle Changes To Address Anxiety

Nowadays, anxiety is an epidemic. It’s one of the most common conditions around, and many people who suffer from it suffer in silence. Today, I talk about why you should take it seriously.

In this episode, I talk about the science behind anxiety. I offer guidance on how to distinguish between a healthy level of anxiety and an anxiety disorder by looking out for specific symptoms. I note that you should seek guidance from your doctor if you think you may be suffering from an anxiety disorder, and I talk about the importance of self care. I talk about different types of anxiety and I note the importance of good sleep and of seeking support. I talk about the value of mindfulness and my PAUSE technique. Finally, I note that you are not your anxious feelings

This week on In the Doctor’s Chair

  • What is anxiety, and what are its symptoms?
  • Different types of anxiety
  • How to treat yourself well
  • The value of a journal
  • The PAUSE technique