Paul Kelly CEO Fáilte Ireland: ‘Trust is the oxygen; inject it & everything can happen!’

Paul Kelly has been the Chief Executive of Fáilte Ireland since 2017, leading Fáilte Ireland, the Irish National Tourism Development Authority, through the deepest crisis ever for our country’s tourism industry. This work ensures the industry’s survival, and enables reopening and re-imagines a different future post-Covid building on Fáilte Ireland’s previous successes including the Wild Atlantic Way, Ireland’s Ancient East, Ireland’s Hidden Heartlands, the Dublin brand refresh, and The Gathering.

Today, I speak with Paul about health and wellbeing in the tourism industry, and how Fáilte Ireland has helped tourism businesses navigate Covid 19. We clarify who is a tourist and why it’s not always international visitors, but rather Irish people exploring their own country.

Paul explains how Fáilte Ireland is currently working through hybrid work models and why trust is so important while developing this new model. He explains how Fáilte Ireland is promoting health and wellness in the workplace, and what potential employees are looking for when considering a job. Paul also shares why he thinks offering remote work will provide a competitive advantage in the future.


“The value of tourism is massive in terms of sustainable communities all around the country.”
-Paul Kelly


This week on In the Doctor’s Chair

  • How Covid-19 affected the tourism industry, and how Fáilte Ireland pivoted to face it
  • Why tourism is so important for creating sustainable communities
  • How hybrid working could impact the tourism industry
  • The role culture plays in the workplace
  • What Fáilte Ireland does to care for employee wellness

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