Norah Casey on Courage and the Willingness to Face your Fears

Broadcaster, entrepreneur, and human rights campaigner Norah Casey was formerly a Dragon in the popular television series Dragons’ Den and is a well-known radio and TV personality. She is the author of Spark!, the presenter of several TEDx talks, and the creator of Planet Woman, a digital learning platform that seeks to empower women. She serves on the European Board and is a Global Ambassador for Vital Voices, as well as the founder of the Women’s Irish Network and a member of the International Women’s Forum. In addition to owning Harmonia Publishing Ltd., the journalist and former nurse holds many awards including but not limited to the Woman of the Decade Award, the Publisher of the Year award (five times), and the Lord Mayor of Dublin Award. Her work can be viewed at

Today, Norah talks with me about courage and the willingness to face your fears. We talk about how adversity can deliver post-traumatic growth with new perspectives, and we discuss how resilience can come from taking risks, once you’re less afraid of failing than you are of succeeding. We also explore the positive contagion impact and the power of giving your time and energy.

“It’s not really what I’ve done in life–it’s what life has done to me that has defined me. Some of the events devastated me, but it didn’t destroy me.”
– Norah Casey

This week on In the Doctor’s Chair

  • The importance of Norah’s background as a nurse
  • Norah’s experience of leaving her abusive first husband
  • The power of adverse experiences
  • The power of kindness
  • Growing in resilience

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