Microbiome: Make your Gut Happy

“Microbiome” is the term given to one of the most exciting recent biological discoveries: the trillions of tiny bugs that live in your gut. We’re still learning about the microbiome, but what we know so far has incredible potential in the realm of lifestyle medicine and physical and mental health.

‘Let food be your medicine & Let medicine be your food’      – Hippocrates.

Today, I talk about your microbiome. I explain what it is, I share information about it from research, and I explore the potential implications of this research. I note that your microbiome interacts with the foods you eat and the proper functioning of your brain. I talk about the lifestyle choices you can make to ensure that you have a healthy microbiome.

“Food for thought: do your current food and lifestyle choices nurture your microbiome, protect your physical and mental health, and enhance your overall vitality?”

– Dr. Mark Rowe

This week on In the Doctor’s Chair

  • What is your microbiome?
  • Implications of microbiome discoveries
  • Enhance your Lifestyle health by nurturing your microbiome.