Men’s Health Podcast

Men’s lifespans are, on average, shorter than women’s. While there are many potential reasons for this, one is undoubtedly men’s tendency to neglect their health.

Today, I discuss why you shouldn’t neglect yours. I note the importance of trusting your doctor and give tips on how to get the best from him or her. I explain why you need to stay informed about your body. I give a list of the aspects of your health you should be keeping track of, and I offer guidelines of when to be concerned. I note the basic lifestyle practices you should keep to stay healthy. Finally, I note that men’s health affects everyone, not just men.

“The best patient is an informed patient.”

 Dr. Mark Rowe


This week on In the Doctor’s Chair

  • The importance of looking after your health
  • How to get the best from your doctor
  • What to keep track of and what numbers should set off red flags
  • Basic lifestyle practices
  • Why men’s health doesn’t just affect men
  • Overcoming fear, apathy, denial, and the belief that you’re too busy when it comes to your health
  • Protecting your health like you protect your car