Mary Buckley, IDA Ireland: Culture, Openness & Wellbeing in the Covid Era

Mary Buckley is the Executive Director of IDA Ireland. IDA Ireland, also known as the Industrial Development Authority, was founded in 1949 and is the Irish agency responsible for the attraction and retention of inward foreign direct investment into Ireland. Mary has been the Executive Director of the IDA since 2015 and is a member of the executive leadership team in Ireland, based in Dublin. Prior to this, Mary held a number of leadership roles across the IDA organization, including Director of North America based in New York. A key priority for Mary is the successful execution of IDA Ireland’s recently launched strategy, Driving Recovery and Sustainable Growth 2021-2024.

Today, Mary joins me to talk about how her team responded to COVID-19. She shares the two specific areas they targeted and mentions the power of listening. She discusses her role in bringing certainty into an uncertain world through openness and frankness, and she talks about the process of formulating a hybrid working strategy. She notes that a hybrid workplace affects different people in different ways, and she stresses the importance of equality, diversity, inclusion, and sustainability throughout the transition. She talks about the culture of Ireland and discusses what she hopes post-covid health and well-being will look like. She defines leadership and notes that, for personal well-being, healthy eating, exercise, and laughter are key.

“Culture is the organization’s behavior. It tells us how things are done.”

– Mary Buckley

This week on In the Doctor’s Chair

  • The power of listening
  • The power of openness in bringing certainty to uncertain situations
  • Formulating a hybrid working strategy
  • The importance of equality, diversity, inclusion, and sustainability
  • The culture of Ireland
  • Mary’s definition of leadership
  • The power of laughter