Perhaps the most important question for you to answer right now is why engage with Live with Vitality™ Programme.

Whether you are currently in a challenging place in life or simply looking to further enhance your life fulfilment, you will learn cutting edge ideas to enhance your energy, power-up your purpose and galvanise you overall vitality.

 programme  is about transforming your life from the inside out. Understanding that self-awareness is the starting point for continuous self-renewal. Not massive change, simply by appreciating the power of thinking small. That small actions really do speak louder than words. Building change that sticks over time by reconnecting you to the essence of who you are. Living with Vitality helps you to:

  • Better understand the foundations of great physical health in terms of restorative sleep, exercise, movement and powerful nutrition. Have more energy, the real currency for your wellbeing.
  • Build up your emotional bank account with a reservoir of positivity that you can draw upon when you need it, enabling you to flourish in your personal and professional life.
  • Attain more balance and perspective in your thinking, more presence, less prone to distraction or negative stress.
  • Build new habits and break old habits more effectively, while learning to strengthen your willpower muscle. Become more resilient, focus more on your strengths, embrace change and cultivate simplicity. Live through the lens of the growth mindset, and embrace mastery over mediocrity.
  • Communicate more effectively to build and sustain great relationships. Become a positive influence to those people around you. Have fun along the way.
  • Embrace stress to become more responsive and less reactive. See the world more through the lens of abundance and appreciation, express gratitude while cultivating more kindness and compassion. Live more in connection with your values, with a strong sense of purpose, knowing that what you do and who you are really does matter.

‘Kai’ (change) and ‘zen’ (wisdom), it only takes a minute to accomplish.

The essence of the idea is to practice one thing for one minute each day at the same time. Just sixty seconds, such a small commitment of your time. That’s the secret, the sense of smallness makes it so much more doable and repeatable leading to sustainable long-term benefits. Try kaizen at work by creating a sixty second routine that brings you a sense of satisfaction. This sense of accomplishment will make it far more likely that you will persist and probably increase the time duration over time.

There are so many kaizen ideas you can consider to boost your VitalityMark™ and live with more vitality.

For me, a sixty second habit of mindfully slowing my breathing is a great antidote to feelings of stress, writing down three things I feel grateful for to boost emotional fulfilment or phoning a friend to strengthen a relationship.

 programme gives you the knowledge, skill and attitude to reset your course towards optimal health and vitality.

As you adopt the principles in the Live with Vitality™ programme, your biological age can slow down relative to your chronological age as health promoting genes take centre stage. Look and feel healthier, as people comment that you look good ‘for your age.’ Perhaps best of all, by focusing on what matters most, you will not only increase the chance of adding years to your health span but more life to your years. Living more in the zone, peak performance, peak experience and a life of optimum vitality.

Optimum Vitality