Leadership, Being True to Your Purpose, Continuous Learning and Love with Heather Fennimore

Heather Fennimore has been an owner and partner at Humanscale since 1986.  Ms. Fennimore has established a successful sales organization of over 300 sales professionals and managers in the Americas.  She created the Humanscale University Program, the Recruiting Division, Humanscale Consulting, and Customer Service. Currently, Ms. Fennimore oversees Humanscale Global Healthcare and the Global IT distribution organizations, along with expanding Humanscale Consulting globally.  She’s the first chairperson of the Scientific Advisory Committee for Cornell University’s Atkinson Center for Sustainable Futures.  She also sits on several boards and is a member of the Hoover Council at Stanford University. Ms. Fennimore is an avid environmentalist and animal advocate.  She resides in Colorado with her husband.

Today, Ms. Fennimore joins me to share her story. She shares what prompted her to found Humanscale and discusses the importance of motivation to want to make things better. She talks at length about her parents and their influence, and she shares her definition of leadership. She also offers her views on women in leadership, and she notes that good leaders know they have more to learn. She talks about the importance of caring in whatever you do, and she shares what she’s learned and accomplished in a year of COVID-19. She expounds on her love for the environment and animals and notes the importance of our physical aspect as human beings.


“Caring is the difference between success and failure.”

– Heather Fennimore

This week on In the Doctor’s Chair

  • The story behind Humanscale
  • Why “not bad” isn’t good enough when it comes to the environment
  • Speculations on the source of burnout in a job or career
  • What is leadership
  • Women in leadership
  • Why believing you have nothing left to learn isn’t conducive to leadership
  • The importance of constant growth in leadership


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