#70 International Men’s Health Week: All About Erectile Dysfunction

This week is International Men’s Health Week, a week-long annual celebration honoring, educating, supporting, and advocating for male health issues and providing encouragement for boys, men, and their families around the world. In honour of International Men’s Health Week, I’m discussing an issue that is important for men as well as their partners. This is the topic of Erectile Dysfunction.

In this episode, I discuss what Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is and why it’s not as uncommon as society typically believes. I discuss the connection between frequent erectile dysfunction issues and other, sometimes more serious, health concerns. I explain the common physical and psychological causes of ED and the connection between your psychological health and your physical wellbeing. I explain how certain health issues like diabetes, chronic pain, and anxiety as well as certain prescription medications can often lead to erectile dysfunction. I also discuss when you should consider talking with your doctor about ED, treatment options currently available on the market, and how your diet, exercise, and lifestyle choices can affect your sexual health.

“If you’re experiencing Erectile Dysfunction, remember: You are not alone. This is a common condition, but it can very effectively be treated.”
– Dr. Mark Rowe

This week on In the Doctor’s Chair

  • How frequent erectile dysfunction issues can indicate other health issues
  • How common it is for men to experience erectile dysfunction
  • How ED can often present itself in young men under the age of 40
  • The physical and psychological causes Erectile Dysfunction
  • Understanding atherosclerosis
  • Common medications and prescriptions that can lead to ED
  • When you should consult your doctor about ED concerns
  • Treatment options currently available for ED
  • Understanding how your lifestyle choices can affect your sexual health
  • How diet and regular exercise can prevent and treat ED
  • The connection between belly fat and adverse health conditions for men, including ED
  • How Kegel exercises can help improve pelvis health in men.

Resources Mentioned:

The Men’s Health Book: A Guide for the Irish Man


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