#101 The Joys of Growing Your Own Food with Michael Kelly

Michael Kelly is a social entrepreneur, Ashoka fellow, and TV presenter. He is the founder and CEO of GIY, a leading global social enterprise that aims to help 100 million people grow their own food for a healthier, more sustainable world by 2030. He has co-presented and produced the series, Grow Cook Eat, on RTE and Amazon Prime. A member of the Irish Food Writers Guild, Michael has written food columns for The Irish Times, The Irish Independent, and Food & Wine Magazine. He is the author of The GIY Diaries: A Year of Growing and Cooking.

Michael joins me today to discuss the grow-it-yourself movement and why growing your own food is beneficial for your physical, emotional, and mental health. He shares how shopping for a bulb of garlic ignited his passion for food sustainability and led him to found GIY. He describes the gift of being present and the joy of being in nature. Michael also offers advice on building the skills necessary for resilience and highlights the importance of keeping your mission at the forefront of your mind when driving social change. 

“If you can build the skills for resilience in your mind, you can power through the hard knocks and the dark nights of the soul and get to the promised land.”
– Michael Kelly

This week on In the Doctor’s Chair:

  • Michael’s background, what sparked his passion for sustainability, and how growing food changed his life
  • How growing food benefitted Michael’s physical, mental, and emotional health
  • Michael’s vision for GIY’s growth as a social enterprise and movement
  • How to deal with the slow pace of change
  • Other health-enhancing habits in Michael’s lifestyle
  • The importance of listening to ourselves and learning what soothes us
  • Building the skills for a more resilient mind
  • Connecting who you are to what you do
  • What life means to Michael

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