#69 Embracing a Growth Mindset in Health & Wellness with Stephen Frampton

Stephen Frampton is a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer based in Waterford, Ireland where he focuses on helping people improve their mobility and fitness while maximizing their physical and mental health as well as their overall wellbeing. He is passionate about helping people discover the best and healthiest versions of themselves and realize their true potential through exercise and movement. Stephen has had a dual career in Banking & Finance for almost twenty years alongside an extensive career in the world of sports and personal fitness. Stephen played for the Waterford hurling inter-county team from 1988-2002 and served as their Captain in 1988 where he led the team to the National League Finals. He has won 7 county finals for his club, Ballygunner, and one club title.

Stephen joins me today to discuss why it’s important to have the courage to embrace change and adopt a growth mindset. We discuss Stephen’s definition of success and why he believes it’s more about enjoying the journey than reaching the destination. We discuss how the focus on youth sports has evolved over the years and why many young athletes focus more on winning and ‘being the best’ than simply enjoying the sport they’re playing. We discuss the concept of ‘Grateful Reframing’ and how Stephen uses it to overcome challenges. We also discuss the value of honesty, Stephen’s definition of leadership, and the importance of strength training for older adults.

“The growth mindset and the learning – it’s vital to keep your brain moving and keep your body moving.”
– Stephen Frampton

This week on In the Doctor’s Chair

  • Pivoting his career from banking to mobility and fitness training
  • The importance of staying curious, asking questions, and embracing a growth mindset
  • Embracing change and getting comfortable with the unknown
  • How the world of youth sports has changed over the years
  • Why rest and sleep are crucial for physical recovery
  • Understanding the concept of ‘Grateful Reframing’ and the health benefits of giving and being grateful
  • How Stephen defines success and leadership
  • The importance of strength training for older adults
  • Stephen’s daily routine for staying fit and healthy
  • Stephen’s tips for maintaining a resilient mindset

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