Dr. Mark Rowe’s Medical Practice Story – Facing Fires in Our Lives and Moving On

We all face fires in our lives, whether in relationships, careers, ourselves, or a number of other places. Today, in my first short solo episode, I talk about how to respond to these setbacks and move forward through acceptance and resilience.

In this episode, I discuss the concept of post-traumatic growth in the context of a personal story of setbacks in my practice. I share how, early in my practice, I literally watched my life’s work and livelihood go up in flames. I discuss the importance of embracing the fires in your life and define Realistic Optimism. I note the power of a positive mindset shift and share what Victor Frankl has to say on the subject of coping with situations outside of our control. Finally, I share why, many years later, I’m thankful for the event. 

“More than pills and Prozac, people really needed a new sense of hope and purpose and the sense of new possibilities.”
– Dr. Mark Rowe

This week on In the Doctor’s Chair

  • Lifestyle as medicine
  • Why feeling sorry for yourself is counterproductive
  • Letting go of the need to know why
  • Accepting and embracing the fires in your life
  • Realistic Optimism and the power of a positive mindset
  • Post-traumatic growth

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