Dr Mark Rowe The Power of Gratitude

Today, during this time running up to Christmas 2021 I take the opportunity share with you about a habit fundamental to a resilient mind, a rich emotional bank account of positive energy, robust relationships, and physical energy: the habit of gratitude.

I talk about what true gratitude is and explore its benefits. I offer a definition of gratitude, I note that it moves you from your head–the centre of anxiety–to your heart. I define what I call Gratitude Deficiency Syndrome, and I introduce the What Went Well (WWW) practice. I note the impact that writing down what you’re grateful for can have, and I note the positive effects of gratitude.

“Gratitude can bring hope in the face of despair, light in the face of darkness, and healing in the face of brokenness.”

– Dr. Mark Rowe

This week on In the Doctor’s Chair

  • Forming the habit of gratitude
  • The definition of true gratitude
  • Why gratitude is effective in combating anxiety
  • The benefits of gratitude
  • The WWW practice