Make this your BEST YEAR yet

This is the time of year when people are thinking about making lifestyle changes. For me, it’s a great time to recommit to simply being better to yourself and others. In this episode, I share a mnemonic to help you make this year your best year yet, even if it just means making one small change that sticks.

Today, I break down the mnemonic BEST YEAR. I note the importance of breathing deeply and slowly from time to time; eating healthily, but not beginning an overly ambitious diet that you won’t stick with; simplifying your life; using your time well; discovering who you really are and what you want, and asking yourself if you’re living your life on purpose; exercising; appreciating everything through the power of gratitude; and reducing your carbon footprint, because the earth needs care too.

“Time is so important. I call it the marker of the past, the keeper of the present, and the key to your future.”

– Dr. Mark Rowe

This week on In the Doctor’s Chair I use the mnemonic BEST YEAR

  • Breathe – take some time sometimes to slow down to four or five deep breaths a minute
  • Eat – make positive lifestyle changes in your diet
  • Simplify – simplify your life
  • Time – ask yourself what you should be doing with your time, and take time for what matters
  • You – take some time to discover who you are and what you want, and ask yourself if you’re living your life on purpose or passively
  • Exercise – exercise is the greatest pill of all
  • Appreciation – gratitude is the best attitude
  • Reduce your carbon footprint – the earth needs care just as you do