Dr Lisa Cunningham on Gratitude, Positivity, and What Makes a Strong Relationship

Dr Lisa Cunningham is a Consultant in Emergency Medicine and HEMS (helicopter emergency medical service) physician in Ireland. Lisa thrives under pressure and has learned to enjoy even talking and sharing about peak performance under challenging environments. A mother of three and wife to Bernard, Lisa believes that family is also very important. She credits the support from family and friends to help achieve a less stressful balance between working and family life. Her grá for Gaelic football cannot go unmentioned! Last year saw her appointed to the Mayo senior LGFA (Ladies Gaelic Football Association) as team doctor. A lifelong dream was fulfilled last year for Lisa when she got to walk on Croke Park with the Co. Mayo ladies!

Today, Lisa joins me to share why she loves her job. She notes that we never stop learning, growing, or starting, and she talks about the satisfaction she gets from helping people. She offers some concrete tips for handling stress and emphasises the power of gratitude. She discusses the strong, supportive relationships in her life and notes their importance. She shares her thoughts on Imposter Syndrome, notes that it’s good for children to see their parents supporting each other, and observes that what we say to others can have a huge impact. She offers her thoughts on gaining the confidence to pursue a certain field, shares her experience with her first panic attack and what she took from the experience, and emphasises the power of positivity.

“Positivity just breeds positivity.”

– Dr. Lisa Cunningham

This week on In the Doctor’s Chair

  • Why Lisa loves her job
  • The satisfaction of helping people
  • Tips and techniques for handling stress
  • The power of gratitude
  • The importance of strong, supportive relationships
  • Lisa’s thoughts on Imposter Syndrome
  • The impact of our words
  • The power of positivity


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