#81 Positive Psychology & the Prescription for Happiness with Dr. Liana Lianov

Dr. Liana Lianov is the President of Global Positive Health Institute (GPHI), a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing the integration of positive psychology in the healthcare setting. She is an innovative global leader in lifestyle medicine who has led the development of its core competencies for physicians and healthcare professionals which, most recently, has been expanded to include positive psychology-based knowledge and skills. She serves as the Vice Chair of the American Board of Lifestyle Medicine, a consultant with the American College of Preventative Medicine and the American College of Lifestyle Medicine, as well as the Chair of the Happiness Science and Positive Health Committee at the American College of Lifestyle Medicine. Additionally, she is the author of Strengths in the Mirror: Thriving Now and Tomorrow, as well as her newly published book, Strengths in the Mirror: Using Your Character Strengths, Personality and Lifestyle to Flourish.

This week, Dr. Liana interviews me to discuss my journey toward discovering the idea of positive psychology. We discuss what my “Happiness Prescription” is and why movement is the most important commitment you can make to living a happier, healthier life. We discuss why I believe living a happier, healthier lifestyle is a personal choice and how medical professionals can incorporate the Prescription for Happiness principles into their personal and professional lives. We discuss the balancing act between taking care of ourselves on a personal level and our professional responsibilities as healthcare providers to promote cultures of well-being in our practices. We highlight how positive psychology practices can have a significant impact on our health and well-being. We also discuss how we can harness positive psychology and well-being science principles into our daily lives, even during times of crisis, and what inspired me to write The Vitality Mark book.


“We all have the potential to choose how we respond and how we live our lives in terms of our purpose and our mission interconnected to our values.”
– Dr. Mark Rowe


This week on In the Doctor’s Chair:

  • How I became fascinated with positive psychology, happiness and well-being
  • Understanding the Happiness Prescription
  • How medical professionals can incorporate the Prescription for Happiness principles into their personal and professional lives
  • My advice to medical professionals currently feeling overwhelmed
  • The balancing act between self-care and professional responsibility as healthcare providers
  • The impact of a positive mindset and positive psychology
  • Making time to move your body regularly
  • My favorite health and wellness habit
  • How to harness positive psychology and wellbeing science principles, even during times of crisis and turmoil
  • What inspired me to write The Vitality Mark book
  • What the ‘meaning of life’ means to me

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