David McRedmond: Furthering the Common Good through Trust, Optimism & Perspective

David McRedmond was appointed CEO of An Post in October 2016.   He has driven the Company’s Transformation programme and return to financial stability and revenue growth, delivering a third successive year of profit by taking big steps to fix the Company’s economics; by restructuring the Mails & Parcels and Retail business in line with a rapidly changing, digital marketplace and by putting a highly skilled management team in place to drive the business forward.

This has been demonstrated throughout the Covid-19 crisis with An Post supporting the Government, citizens and businesses by keeping the essential supply lines running through Post Offices, Digital, and Mails and Parcels deliveries, while ensuring the safety of staff, postmasters and customers.

David is personally driving An Post’s Sustainability Charter, having positioned Climate Action, Decent Work, Sustainable Cities & Communities and Innovation & Partnerships – four of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals most pertinent to the global postal industry – at the centre of An Post’s business transformation strategy.

He was previously CEO of TV3 which he transformed into a major Irish broadcaster, concluding with its sale to Liberty Global in December 2015. David was previously Commercial Director of Eircom and Managing Director of Eircom Enterprises. During his early career as a retail industry executive in the UK and USA, he held roles such as Operations Director of Waterstones and CEO of WH Smith Inc.

David was appointed chairman of Eir in 2018; he is a director of Premier Lotteries Ireland (the National Lottery) and a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. A native of Dublin, he holds a Masters Degree in Modern Irish History from University College Dublin.

Today, David joins me to discuss the effects of COVID-19 on An Post, both bad and good. He talks about how the pandemic provided clarity about the company’s mission to serve the common good, and he explains what sustainability means to him. He shares how the company cares for its employees, especially during the pandemic, and he stresses the importance of trust. He shares why postal workers further the common good and notes the importance of minimising and preventing burnout, sharing his input on how to accomplish this. He emphasises the power of optimism, notes the importance of thanking people, and explains why it’s crucial to interact with others. Finally, he notes the power of perspective and shares what the meaning of life is for him.

“It sounds cliché to be optimistic: it’s hard, and it can be a struggle at times. But it’s so, so worth it, because the world is full of goodness.”
– David McRedmond

“I think it’s important to be aware of the outside world. It makes our issues seem a bit smaller…we find our own relevance if we look around and meet and listen.”
– David McRedmond

This week on In the Doctor’s Chair

  • How COVID-19 provided clarity about the mission of An Post
  • What sustainability means to David
  • The importance of trust
  • Why postal workers are important to the common good
  • Minimising and preventing burnout
  • The power of optimism
  • How to gain perspective

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