Have You The Habits That Support Elite Performance In Life?

As a medical doctor with a special interest in wellbeing and life strategy, I meet people regularly who aren’t sick. Who don’t need pills. But who are lacking that spark of vitality that allows them to become a better version of themselves. Perhaps in terms of their physical health & energy, or mental mindset (what I term psychological fitness), or emotional contentment (inner happiness) or quality of their relationships. Or any combination of these. To live more connected to the big picture, to be more on purpose in the world. What I’ve learned over the years is that every element of your wellbeing is interconnected.

What you think, feel and believe really does impact on who you are and who you become.

We all have our good and not-so-good days but the people who consistently rise above mediocrity to quite simply play at their A game are the people who have some simple but highly effective habits. Here are some of my favourites.

#1. Protect your emotional energy.

No emails or social feeds first thing in the morning. Keep technology out of your bedroom. That’s what Leaders do!

#2. ‘Let Food Be Thy Medicine.’

Eat like a champion. Really whole and nutritious food that will sustain and you in thinking, feeling and being at your best.

#3. Drink More Water.

80% of your brain is water. Go figure!

#4. Get enough quality sleep

which for most of us means 7.5 hours a night. Essential for peak performance and good health.

#5. Simplify.

Declutter your life. Focus your energy and time on those few things that matter most.

#6. Value Your Relationships.

Surround yourself with people who will strengthen and support you. And let go of those persistent energy drainers. They’re simply not worth it.

#7. Spend some quiet time in solitude regularly.

To dream, to plan and perhaps to do your best work. And get out into nature, what I call ‘green exercise’ and gift yourself enhanced levels of wellbeing.

#.8 Respect the importance of supporting your willpower muscle in the brain.

Protect it, and actively work on replenishing and restoring it. Without it, the greatest of plans and intentions will never come to fruition. Self-discipline is the foundation of freedom.

#9. Forgive others and yourself.

Letting go of needless negativity and petty grudges is a real gift. Focus on progress, not perfection. You are a human being and like me (and everyone else for that matter) you are flawed. A diamond in the rough, but a diamond nonetheless. Let your inner beauty sparkle like a diamond.

#.10 Value Your Time.

It really is a scarce commodity. Spend as much as you can doing things that matter to you.