#73 Cultivating Generative Spaces to Develop Beacons of Extraordinary Health with Dr. Wayne Ruga Part 1

Dr. Wayne Ruga is the President and Founder of The CARITAS Project, a U.S.-based non-profit organisation committed to creating transformational environments that enhance human health. Wayne is a world-renowned architect, scholar, and visionary on a mission to create and support the development of spaces that inspire the advancement of human potential. His primary focus is demonstrating the environment’s role in enhancing human health and well-being, particularly in the healthcare setting. His goal for The CARITAS project is to provide the research, resources, techniques, and real-world opportunities to bring The CARITAS philosophy into the mainstream as part of everyday practice. He envisions a world that demonstrates the value of respect for human dignity in terms of the business culture and lived experience of the environment.

Wayne joins me today to discuss how we can enhance human potential by cultivating generative spaces. We discuss how this concept can help rebuild the idea of healthcare from the ground up while creating beacons of extraordinary health in the community. We discuss the environment’s role in human potential and our health and well-being. We discuss the inception of The CARITAS Project and how it has transformed the healthcare industry and impacted human potential. We discuss the evidence around us supporting the idea that the environment affects human health. Wayne also shares how he determines whether a space or environment is considered ‘generative’ and how we can cultivate more generative spaces to create flourishing environments.

“The metric as to whether or not a space is generative is that it’s a place to flourish”
– Dr. Wayne Ruga

This week on In the Doctor’s Chair:

  • Understanding the concept of ‘generative space’
  • How the environment impacts human potential
  • Wayne’s mission to create a meaningful impact on the human potential and the healthcare industry
  • How The CARITAS Project began and how it has transformed the healthcare industry and human potential
  • Supporting evidence on how your environment impacts your health and well-being
  • Wayne’s center for healthcare design research
  • How Wayne discovered that the answer to every health problem is the physical environment
  • The metric to determine whether a space or environment is ‘generative’
  • How to cultivate a generative space to create flourishing environments

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