#59 Choices, Travel, and Looking Towards the Light with Declan Fitzgerald, HR Director at Meta (Facebook)

Declan Fitzgerald is an EMEA Recruitment Director at Meta (Facebook), but before that, he grew up alongside me,  my neighbor in Waterford, Ireland.

Today, Declan joins me to share his story. He talks about his background in soccer and while it ended earlier than planned how much he values the experiences. He notes the importance of finding out what’s precious to you and making choices based on it, and he emphasises the power of education, travel, and a mentor. He advises to live life as if you know things will go right, he explores how traveling has changed his perspective and identity, and he shares his wisdom on discovering and navigating your best self in each stage of life. He distinguishes between healthspan and lifespan, he notes the importance of good systems, he discusses time as a resource, and he points out the power of looking towards the light.

“We fall to the level of our systems rather than rise to the level of our goals.”
– Declan Fitzgerald

This week on In the Doctor’s Chair

  • The importance of making choices
  • The importance of education & a mentor
  • How traveling changes perspectives and identity
  • Navigating each new stage of life
  • Healthspan vs lifespan
  • Creating good systems
  • Viewing and using time as a resource
  • Looking toward the light


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