Boxer Dylan Moran’s unwavering commitment to his journey.

Dylan Moran boxed for Ireland as an amateur, becoming a kick-boxer for a few years where he won Irish, European, and World titles before turning to professional boxing in 2017. Born in 1994, Moran started boxing at age five. The Waterford native earned his first professional victory in his debut against Chris Jenkinson in Manchester, England. In just over a year, Moran stepped into the boxing ring on six different occasions, winning all of his outings. By March of 2019, Dylan Moran boasted an impressive record of 10-0. This earned him an American contract including a fight against Dennis Okoth. This resulted in a loss by TKO for Moran in the third round. It was a tough loss for Dylan to swallow. He noted that boxing is the loneliest sport in the world, and he almost decided to quit. Eventually, he found the motivation to continue. Now, with a Pro record of 16-1 and driven by personal conviction, Dylan believes he’s on the verge of the big title fights.

Today, Dylan joins me to share his story. He talks about the effect of COVID on his boxing career and shares a life-changing experience. He stresses the importance of both a great team and a mindset of constant learning. We discuss the power of grit, and Dylan opens up about his struggles with mental health. We talk about the power of positivity and of living in the now, and Dylan notes that he’s found happiness in the small things rather than the big, material ones. He shares his passion for boxing and notes the value of being mentally prepared for the downs in life so they don’t hit you as hard. Dylan also notes that he doesn’t think he’ll ever have it all figured out, and that’s okay because having more to learn is part of what it means to be human.


“My attitude is, these guys can be better than me, they can be more talented than me–but they’re not going to work harder than me.”
– Dylan Moran

“The day you think you know it all is the day you start to lose.”
– Dylan Moran

This week on In the Doctor’s Chair

  • The importance of an amazing team
  • The value of a constantly learning mindset
  • Why the small things, not the big material things, are what makes you happy
  • The power of positivity and living in the now
  • The value of letting yourself be happy easily
  • Why resilience is something you learn on the job

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