Being Yourself; Family, Faith, and the Key to Happiness with John Mullane

A GAA hurling All-Star, my lifelong friend, and a man with a lot to say on parenthood, faith, and the key to happiness.

Today, John joins me to share his story, his lessons, and his key to happiness.

He notes how everyone makes mistakes and he discusses how becoming a parent changes your outlook on life. He stresses the importance of being true and ‘staying yourself’ through the years. He explains why it’s okay to say no sometimes and notes that it’s crucial to have some time to yourself. He shares his thoughts on the future of our home-town Waterford, as well as the future of Ireland, and he posits that it doesn’t take much to be nice.

“The best of people have made many, many mistakes. And look, I’ve made mistakes. But I’d like to think that I’ve learned from the mistakes and pushed on and become a better person.”
– John Mullane

“The day you think you know everything is the day it’s all over.’
– John Mullane

This week on In the Doctor’s Chair

  • The importance of reacting well to the lows in life
  • John’s spirituality
  • The power of a walk
  • The importance of being yourself


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