#82 Achieving Optimal Health Through Lifestyle Medicine with Clare McKenna

In the world of Irish television, Clare McKenna is a TV and radio presenter with years of experience in broadcasting and journalism. She has presented a wide range of live Irish TV and radio shows, including co-presenting Spin 1038’s talk show for 7 years, which was nominated for the prestigious PPI Award three times and won gold for Best Speech Best Programme in 2010. She has presented RTE’s The Liffey Laugh and worked as a reporter on then TV3’s Midweek as well as their flagship breakfast programme, Ireland AM and The Elaine Show. More recently, Clare works at Newstalk presenting their health and wellness show, Alive and Kicking, and covering Lunchtime Live.

This week, I share my conversation on Clare’s show, Alive, and Kicking. We discuss what Lifestyle Medicine is and how it can help support, or even reverse chronic health conditions. We discuss why it’s important to use lifestyle medicine techniques as an additional ‘tool in your toolkit for achieving optimal health. We discuss how improving your health starts with small, incremental baby steps and share a few tips on how you can take those first steps toward improving your health. We discuss the challenges of managing stress and anxiety and why stress should be considered neither good nor bad, but as a mechanism to help us survive and thrive. We also discuss how you can recharge from stressful situations – even before the stress begins – and explain the G.L.A.D technique for overcoming stress and anxiety.

“Lifestyle medicine is not only a very effective way to support people who have chronic health conditions, it can become an effective treatment in its own right.”
– Dr. Mark Rowe

This week on In the Doctor’s Chair:

  • Understanding what Lifestyle Medicine is
  • How Lifestyle Medicine can help support – or even reverse – certain chronic health conditions
  • Taking baby steps toward improving your health
  • Tips for taking the first step to improving your health
  • Where positive health changes truly begin
  • The challenges of managing stress and anxiety
  • Finding ways to recharge from stress
  • The G.L.A.D. technique to recharge from stress

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