#99 How to Have Your B.E.S.T. Y.E.A.R. Yet

I like the phrase “best year.” It is full of optimism, positivity, and the feeling that things can improve. I believe that our lives can be changed and improved through the power of our own effort; it’s about what we commit and recommit to every single day. So, in the spirit of recommitment and never stopping starting, I turned the phrase B.E.S.T. Y.E.A.R. into a mnemonic for a set of strategies that could help you make 2023 your best year yet.

In this episode, I outline the B.E.S.T. Y.E.A.R. mnemonic and explore ideas for living with more vitality in the new year. I discuss how accepting the totality of the human experience and practicing habits of kindness and gratitude can help us flourish. I describe how forging deeper connections and investing in the people around you can benefit your quality of life. I also highlight the importance of recommitting to live with more vitality every day and underscore the value of remembering to never stop starting.

“Every day is a learning day, an opportunity to recommit to live with more vitality, to never stop starting, and never stop growing.”
– Dr. Mark Rowe

This week on In the Doctor’s Chair:

  • Recommitment, realistic optimism, and how to have your B.E.S.T. Y.E.A.R. yet
  • The gift of being more present
  • Emotional agility and practicing acceptance
  • Self-care, compassion, and the value of being curious about your emotions
  • The value of taking care of your friends
  • Choosing to become an active participant in your wellbeing
  • The greatest health pill of all
  • How awareness of your strengths can help you reconnect with your essence and live according to your values
  • Remembering to never stop starting

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