#98 Using Inspiring Words to Uplift Lives

The power of words and the emotions they evoke are well-discussed throughout history. For example, the Rig Veda considered the world’s oldest spiritual text, asserts that all sounds have vibrational energy that, when heard, triggers emotional experiences that make one respond in a certain way. Mahatma Gandhi noted the influence of thoughts over words, and words’ influence over destiny. At the same time, more contemporary thinkers such as Nicholas Christakis suggest how words can ripple through a network of people.

In this episode, I discuss how your words can impact you and the people around you. I describe the contagiousness of positive and negative emotions and the presence of energy in words. I explain how toxic positivity sets you up for more feelings of distress, discomfort, and disease. I also discuss how the practice of being more mindful and present enables you to let go of the past and anxiety of the future and share wisdom from the brilliant minds of Maya Angelou, Confucius, St. Francis of Assisi, and others.

“Where your words go, your emotional energy flows.”
– Dr. Mark Rowe


This week on In the Doctor’s Chair:

  • The Rig Veda and how the presence of energy in sounds helps you experience emotion
  • The impact of positive and negative feedback
  • The power of the spoken and written word
  • Mahatma Gandhi on thoughts, words, and destiny
  • Rumi and the three gates that words must pass through
  • The etymology of ‘encourage’ and how the quality of our conversations impacts the quality of our lives
  • Inner self-talk and the ‘merry-go-mind’ of anxious thoughts
  • The difference between toxic positivity and self-compassion
  • Turning down your inner critic and tuning in to your inner coach
  • The power of the written word and applying the inspiring words of others to your life
  • Reading biographies to understand the greatest minds and thinkers


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