#95 Practicing Courage, Appreciation & Gratitude with YayCanDo’s Bernie Keogh Part 1

Recently I was a guest of Bernie Keogh on her Podcast  YayCanDo. YayCanDo is a podcast about possibility, embracing our humanity and letting go of limiting beliefs in our lives. Bernie Keogh, with her co-founder Paula Thomas, is on a mission to power new possibilities in life and work through better relationships with ourselves and others. I enjoyed our conversation so much; I think you will too.

With over 20 years of business experience, Bernie is the Managing Director of A Lust for Life and has extensive knowledge in relationship management, team management, and executive recruitment. As a career and life coach, Bernie is committed to empowering people to believe in their potential, become leaders of their own lives, and commit to building exciting, fulfilling, and sustainable careers.

Bernie joins me in the doctor’s chair this week to discuss the choices we can make each day that enables us to embrace well-being and live more vitality. We discuss my perspective on dealing with other people’s criticism and ridicule and the value of having the courage to embrace and push through your fears and inner critic. We discuss why living a life of vitality, graciousness, and mindfulness isn’t about striving for perfection or reaching the end of the journey but continuously recommitting to ourselves, our values, and our purpose. We also discuss the importance of self-compassion and emotional sobriety and the value of choosing where you dedicate your energy each day.

“Gratitude brings perspective to the past, peace to the present, and hope for the future.”
– Dr. Mark Rowe

This week on the podcast:

  • My journey into positive psychology and lifestyle medicine
  • My views on dealing with other people’s criticism and ridicule
  • Having the courage to embrace and push past your fears and inner criticism
  • Continuously recommitting to yourself
  • How your heart, body, spirit, and mind are interconnected
  • Appreciating that life is lived in different moments
  • The importance of self-compassion
  • Understanding emotional sobriety
  • Why I believe the best practice of all is the gratitude practice
  • Choosing to let go of negativity
  • Deciding where you dedicate your energy.

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