#93 Character Strengths & Self-Awareness Whats strong rather than what’s Wrong

Dr. Liana Lianov is the President of Global Positive Health Institute (GPHI), a nonprofit organization committed to advancing the integration of positive psychology in the healthcare industry. As an innovative global leader in lifestyle medicine, Dr. Liana has led the development of its core competencies for physicians and healthcare professionals, including positive psychology-based knowledge and skills. She is the Chairwoman of the Happiness Science and Positive Health Committee at the American College of Lifestyle Medicine, the Vice Chair of the American Board of Lifestyle Medicine, and a consultant with the American College of Preventative Medicine and the College of Lifestyle Medicine. Dr. Liana is also the author of Strengths in the Mirror: Thriving Now and Tomorrow, as well as her upcoming book: Strengths in the Mirror: Using Your Character Strengths, Personality and Lifestyle to Flourish.

Dr. Liana joins me again this week to discuss adopting a strength-based approach to living our lives. We explain what individual character strengths are and discuss why we need to pay attention to and savor the moments when we’re at our best. We discuss how routinely using our character strengths to our advantage helps contribute to our overall sense of well-being and why many people are hesitant about embracing their character strengths. We discuss the importance of balancing our focus between our strengths and weaknesses and how focusing your strengths can be more beneficial than focusing on your weaknesses. Dr. Liana also shares strategies for adopting a strength-based approach to living your life and how it helps us boost our engagement, satisfaction, and resilience.


“We actually can focus on what’s going well and achieve our best life and our best selves.”
– Dr. Liana Lianov


This week on In the Doctor’s Chair:

  • Understanding your character strengths and the importance of paying attention to the moments we are at our best
  • The correlation between routinely using our character strengths and our sense of well-being
  • Why many people are hesitant to use their character strengths to their advantage
  • Compensating for your weaknesses by focusing on your strengths
  • Strategies for adopting a strength-based approach to living
  • Being aware of your strengths
  • How a strength-based approach to living impacts every aspect of our lives
  • The difference between innate strengths and cultivated strengths

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