#90 Happiness

If you were asked to determine what you truly want from life when everything else is stripped away, you would likely say that you want happiness, contentment, inner peace, and fulfillment. Happiness is a fundamental key to the human experience. But one of the paradoxes of happiness is that it can be difficult to define. People define happiness in various ways – for me, it’s about making the best of the good times while having the resilience to deal with the tough times.

What does happiness mean to you? And is it true, sustainable happiness or something more fleeting?

This week I discuss the paradoxes of happiness and why each individual’s definition of happiness differs. I explain the Buddhist philosophy on happiness and why they believe there can be no real happiness without experiencing pain and suffering. I discuss why it’s critical to avoid the illusion of creating the perfect, idealistic future and instead learn to embrace your flaws, make peace with your past, and choose to find happiness in the present moment. I explain sustainable happiness and how it boosts your health and well-being. I also explain how your moment-to-moment experiences of happiness differ from your feelings of overall life satisfaction, the three fundamental aspects of happiness, and how using a gratitude journal can help you boost your inner happiness and well-being.

“Ultimately, at the end of the day, finding happiness becomes a choice – your everyday choice to find more balance, harmony, contentment, and fulfillment.”
– Dr. Mark Rowe

This week on In the Doctor’s Chair:

  • Why the concept of happiness is different for everyone
  • The Buddhist philosophy of happiness
  • Healthy vs. Toxic Positivity
  • Why negative emotions ‘stick’ longer than positive emotions
  • The illusion of a perfect, idealistic future
  • Choosing to find happiness in the present moment
  • The science of positive psychology
  • Understanding sustainable happiness
  • How boosting your happiness impacts your productivity, creativity, energy, and performance
  • The difference between your moment-to-moment happiness experiences and your overall life satisfaction
  • 3 fundamental aspects of happiness
  • How 50% of your potential happiness is inherited, 10% by circumstance, and 40% by your choices
  • Using a gratitude journal to boost your happiness
  • Answering the 3 Ws of happiness: What Went Well

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