#87 The Pursuit of Happiness: Boosting Your Happiness to Improve Your Health with David Clancy & Ciaran Dunne

David Clancy and Ciaran Dunne are the hosts of the Sleep, Eat, Perform, Repeat podcast, a show that shares unique insight into high-performing individuals in elite sports, the arts, the military, and business. As an experienced chartered physiotherapist with clinical, consultation, and research experience, David has worked with some of the world’s most elite athletes in a wide variety of sports, including professional soccer and rugby. He is also the founder and director of Hauora LTD; a Dublin-based company focused on optimizing whole-person well-being for businesses.

Ciaran is a creative and critical-thinking well-being consultant for corporate, public, and private health organizations. Utilizing his extensive clinical experience in physiotherapy, public health, and sports medicine, Ciaran focuses on providing and modeling healthy, evidence-based cultures, behavior changes, and healthy living habits that promote a culture of collaboration, humility, and well-being with individual clients and within organizations.

This week, I sit in the physiotherapist’s chair with David and Ciaran to share how I discovered my calling for lifestyle medicine. We discuss how happiness impacts your overall health and well-being and highlight strategies you can use to boost happiness in your day-to-day life. We explain the Leadership Triangle, the importance of getting crystal clear on your values, and how it helps you build resilience and improve your well-being. We highlight why getting enough sleep is critical and how not getting enough can often lead to negative health issues. We explain the burnout epidemic, the difference between burnout and depression, and the three key features of burnout. We also discuss what stoicism is, the benefits of focusing on what you can change instead of what you can’t, and what the term ‘high-performance’ means to me.

“Happiness is that emotional wellbeing – having that ratio of positivity that creates that tipping point that enables you to flourish in your personal life, work life, and relationships.”
– Dr. Mark Rowe

This week on In the Doctor’s Chair:

  • What vitality means to me
  • Discovering my calling for lifestyle medicine
  • Common misconceptions around health and wellness
  • My advice for improving your health and wellbeing
  • Dealing with negative emotions through healthy foundational habits
  • Understanding happiness and why it’s important for your overall health and wellbeing
  • Ways to boost your happiness
  • The Leadership Triangle
  • Practices to promote your vitality
  • Impacts of sleep deprivation
  • Understanding and acknowledging burnout and strategies for avoiding it
  • Understanding the difference between burnout and depression
  • The benefits of Stoicism
  • What the term ‘high-performance’ means to me

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