#83 Depression with WLR Maria McCann

Maria McCann is a broadcaster and presenter on Waterford Local Radio’s (WLR) Sunday afternoon show, The Week.  Born and raised in Dublin, Ireland, Maria’s broadcasting career initially began by presenting the news at East Coast Radio and FM104 until she found her niche as a presenter of current affairs and human-interest interviews.

This week, I share my conversation with Maria about depression. We discuss why it’s important for people to talk about their thoughts, feelings, and problems and why men are less likely to discuss their concerns with others. We explain why stress is neither good nor bad and the impact of allowing chronic stress to build over long periods of time. We discuss the difference between the ‘Circle of Control,’ and the ‘Circle of Concern’ and why staying within your Circle of Control is more beneficial to your health. We explain how depression is diagnosed, its symptoms and treatment options, and why there’s not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to treating depression. We also explore other ways to treat depression beyond taking medication and utilizing talk therapy.

“No matter what’s going on in your life, no matter what’s going on in your head, there’s always somebody you can talk to. A problem shared really is a problem halved.”
– Dr. Mark Rowe

This week on In the Doctor’s Chair:

  • The importance of talking about your thoughts, feelings, and problems
  • Why men are less likely to talk about their concerns with others
  • Dealing with chronic stress and anxiety
  • The ‘Circle of Control’ versus the ‘Circle of Concern’
  • The benefits of practicing mindfulness
  • How doctors diagnose depression
  • How talk therapy can help treat depression
  • Addressing the misconceptions around depression and anti-depressant medications
  • Determining which treatment method is appropriate for you
  • Healthy ways to alleviate stress, anxiety, and depression

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