#77 Keeping Your Body Moving: Let Your Footsteps Do the Talking

We’ve all heard that exercise helps keep your body healthy. From aiding your digestion and immune system to keeping your joints, muscles, and bones in top condition and helping with mood swings, anxiety, and depression – brisk walking and exercise is the key to preventing health issues. But many people believe they simply don’t have the time in their busy schedule to squeeze in regular exercise. However, if you don’t make time to move your body, it’s far more likely that illness and health conditions will show up in your life.

In this episode, I discuss why it’s important to make time to keep your body moving, whether it’s through walking, yoga, or following an exercise routine. I discuss the benefits of walking and how all movement can be considered beneficial. I explain what brisk walking is and how it helps you maintain optimal health. I discuss how walking in nature helps boost your creativity and problem-solving skills and how walking with others improves your relationships. I also share a few simple ways you can add more healthy movement to your daily routine.

“Moving is medicine. Moving more can transform your health over time.”
– Dr. Mark Rowe

This week on In the Doctor’s Chair:

● How long should you walk each week briskly to obtain optimal health benefits

● Understanding what brisk walking is and how it helps your health and wellness

● What your pulse should be after brisk, intense walking

● The benefits of brisk walking

● How walking in nature encourages creativity and boosts problem-solving skills

● Tips for building a habit of walking into your daily routine


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