#71 Finding New Purpose & Training the Mind, Body and Spirit in Resilience with Fr. Harry Bohan

Father Harry Bohan, an Irish Catholic Priest, is locally recognised in the West of Ireland as a man ahead of his time. Harry is a sociologist, an author, a social entrepreneur, and the former manager of the Clare hurling team, winning two National Leagues. Having set up the Rural Resource Center, Fr. Harry was involved in building over 2,000 homes in rural Ireland. Harry continues to be a strong rural advocate & campaigner, responsible for setting up the Ceilfin Centre an innovative thought center to discuss the changes in Ireland in the late 20th & 21st Century.

Harry joins me this week on the Podcast to share & discuss his views on seeking out your purpose and meaning of life in the 21st Century. We discuss the four connections Fr. Harry believes can help shape our future, both socially and spiritually, and how they summarise what ‘spirituality’ truly means.

“The training of the body for whatever we do is important, but the training of the mind and the spirit are vital.”
– Father Harry Bohan

This week on In the Doctor’s Chair

  • What Ireland was like during the 1940s, 50s, and 60s
  • The three key Irish Revolutions: the Industrial Revolution, the Communications Revolution, and the Education Revolution
  • Harry’s perspective on searching for your purpose and meaning in the 21st Century
  • Why Fr. Harry believes we need to dig deep to find a new direction socially and spiritually
  • How parents are the shape and future of society, and why they need more support
  • The importance of being an active participant in your own wellbeing and your own health journey
  • How Harry defines leadership and why he believes a resilient mind needs to be trained and nourished
  • What Harry believes is the meaning of life.


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