Dr Mark’s Self-Development Club-Empowering You to Make Positive Lifestyle Changes.

Health and well-being are the greatest assets you have, they are priceless. Unfortunately, many people can take them for granted.

Now, more than ever can be a great opportunity to revitalise your wellbeing,  reconnect with the essence of who you are, rediscover your purpose and embrace a mindset of growth and possibility. This is why I’m launching the ‘Self-Development Club’, and in this episode, I invite you to join. Empowering you to make positive lifestyle changes. Learning by doing. Appreciating the potential of small positive changes to compound and make a big difference over time.

Today, I talk about why, when it comes to your wellbeing,  everything in your life is interconnected. Mind, body, emotion, spirit, and environments all impact who you are and who you become.

Just as you can’t pour from an empty cup, self-care gives you the energy and capacity to give more to others. Of course, self-care is not a narcissistic, egotistical form of selfish self-centered care. Neither is it a quest for perfectionism, simply being ‘good enough’, including to yourself. For me it’s a foundation stone to not just take good care of yourself but everyone else that matters.

My experience as a pioneer in the field of positive health and lifestyle medicine inspires me to host the ‘Self-Development Club’ where the purpose is to inform, encourage and empower you to make positive lifestyle changes, that stick. During each monthly Live Webinar, which can also be watched back,  I’ll teach a variety of ‘Lifestyle as Medicine’ concepts, all evidence-based and backed up with practical tips, and strategies to support your personal growth. There will be mindful practices and optional reflective exercises between sessions, all to support your ‘self-development. ‘To explore wellbeing, live with more vitality, and to never stop starting. What are you waiting for?

To learn more, and to Sign-Up visit www.drmarkrowe.com

My purpose is to encourage & guide you to Live with more Vitality –  Your key is to never stop starting.

“Everything is connected.”
– Dr. Mark Rowe

 ‘My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.’
– Maya Angelou

This week on In the Doctor’s Chair

  • The importance of self-care and why it’s not selfish
  • The power of a growth mindset
  • Why your health is your greatest asset
  • The intention gap
  • The power of gratitude
  • The Self-Development Club

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