#135 Building Mental Resilience through the Fertility Journey with Eimear Byrne

Eimear Byrne is a fertility support coach and IVF survivor. Eimear is the creator of Moments of Sparkle, through which she helps others navigate the challenges of the fertility journey. She created the Fertility Rollercoaster Toolkit, a six-week course packed with all the mental health practices and tools she has learned from her own fertility journey and mindfulness training. She is on a mission to help people realize that they are not alone, that there is mental health support available, and that it’s possible to live a meaningful life after IVF.

Eimear joins me today to share her fertility journey. She describes the IVF cycles she has been through, the challenges that she faced, and the lessons she learned from the adversities she overcame. She outlines the practices in her mental health toolkit—including mindfulness, journaling, and counseling—and how they helped her face the challenges of her IVF journey. Eimear also discusses how she helps others through Moments of Sparkle and shares her ideas for cultivating a resilient mind.

“A resilient mind has the capacity to recover from difficult times, but it is also the realization that you’re human that makes difficult things happen.” – Eimear Byrne

This week on In the Doctor’s Chair:

  • Eimear’s journey through healthcare and IVF
  • The failings of conventional medicine and healthcare
  • How Eimear discovered mindfulness practices and how she initially reacted to them
  • How mindfulness kept Eimear mentally well through her IVF journey
  • Seeking support and how counseling helped Eimear navigate fertility challenges
  • How Eimear’s family and friends supported her through her journey
  • How the pandemic became a transformative period in Eiemar’s life
  • What life was like for Eimear before her mindfulness and mental health practices
  • How gratitude journaling can help us recalibrate our attentive energy to what’s present
  • Having and creating a sense of realistic hope and optimism
  • The creation of Moments of Sparkle
  • Post-traumatic growth
  • Cultivating a resilient mind
  • The essence of emotional agility and the power of learning to sit with difficult emotions
  • What life means to Eimear

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