#128 Dr Beth Frates: Lifestyle Medicine as a Game Changer

Dr. Elizabeth (Beth) Frates, MD, is a pioneer in Lifestyle Medicine education and an award-winning teacher at Harvard Medical School and the Harvard Extension School. Dr. Frates’s passionate teaching style at Harvard Medical School has earned her several Excellence in Teaching awards for her work in multiple pre-clinical courses. She specialises in connecting one-on-one with her clients.

Today, Beth joins me to talk about the power of a healthy body, peaceful mind, and joyful heart. She shares how her story began and talks about the impact of her father’s heart attack and stroke on his life and hers. She notes that exercise can often act as an internal motivator and discusses the power of a growth mindset. She shares her own lifestyle health practices and discusses the power of movement. She notes the power of self-care and its effects on a person’s health and ability to take care of others well. She discusses the six pillars of lifestyle health and notes that they work best as a combination. Finally, she emphasises the power of a growth mindset, gratitude, and the ability to see beauty in everything.

“It’s a new day. It’s a new chance.”
– Elizabeth Frates

This week on In the Doctor’s Chair

  • The power of knowing you have control
  • Exercise as an internal motivator
  • The power of movement
  • The importance of self-care
  • The six pillars of lifestyle health
  • Why the six pillars work best together


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