#127 Food as Medicine: Uniting Health and Flavor with Domini Kemp

Domini Kemp is an entrepreneur, chef, author, and advocate for positive health. As the co-founder of ITSA Ltd, she has successfully developed multiple award-winning brands within the ITSA Group, including Feast, Joe’s, Alchemy Juice Co., Hatch & Sons, and more. Domini trained as a chef at Leith’s in London. Upon returning to Ireland, she co-authored “New Irish Cooking” and gained invaluable experience at Dublin’s Michelin-starred Peacock Alley. Domini has been named a finalist for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award and received the Image Business Woman of the Year award, as well as contributed to notable publications, including The Irish Times Saturday Magazine, Image, and The Dubliner Magazine, and is a familiar face on TV and radio. Following a breast cancer diagnosis, Domini co-authored the best-selling cookbook “The Ketogenic Kitchen.” She holds an MA in Gastronomy & Food Studies and a Prof. Dip in Positive Health. She also regularly speaks internationally on topics like “Food & Cancer” and “Food as Medicine.”

Today, we discuss Domini’s passion for food as medicine. Domini shares how being a chef and entrepreneur-led her to embrace the power of food. She emphasizes the importance of real, unprocessed food and highlights the benefits of herbs and spices for their potential anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties. She clarifies why her goal is not to make absolute claims but to promote the idea that small dietary choices can have a significant influence on our health. We discuss the role of food education and Domini’s frustrations with bureaucratic systems. We emphasize the importance of confidence, particularly for women, and how we can influence the healthcare system through food. We also stress the value of gratitude, self-kindness, and acceptance in navigating life’s challenges and how to find meaning in sharing meals with loved ones and bringing joy to others through food.

“This older knowledge that old cooks have passed down, not only do they taste delicious, but you get this added enhanced nutritional benefit.” – Domini Kemp


This week on In the Doctor’s Chair:

  • How Domini’s breast cancer diagnoses affected how she views food as medicine
  • The importance of unprocessed and plant-based foods
  • The benefits of herbs and spices
  • How diet impacts cancer
  • The small choices we can make to improve our health through diet
  • The challenges of cooking nutritious meals
  • The role of food education in schools
  • How sharing meals increases your levels of joy

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