#126 Food As Medicine for Menopause with Rachel Graham

Rachel Graham is a Nutritional Therapist and Medicinal Chef who helps her clients improve their eating habits and increase their well-being by creating delicious and healthy meals. Rachel specializes in women’s health, particularly focusing on menopause, and is an accredited menopause educator recognized by The British Menopause Charity. She offers guidance and advice on various treatment options for managing Menopause symptoms, including Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), alternative supplements, lifestyle adjustments, and alternative therapies. Rachel also caters to younger women experiencing early menopause and those approaching menopause, ensuring they are well informed and prepared for this transitional phase. She is the author of several books, including a medicinal cookbook, and fosters a supportive online menopause community through a private Facebook group called “BACK TO LIFE – Your Menopause Transformation Community.” She also conducts small group workshops and private one-on-one medicinal cooking demonstrations.

Today, Rachel joins me to discuss the significance of willpower, seeking professional help, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle during menopause and beyond. Rachel explains the benefits of a nutrient-focused approach to eating during menopause, highlighting eight essential nutrients for women’s health, and emphasizes the challenges of overcoming sugar addiction. She shares her personal practices for healthy living and recounts how overcoming adversity in her own life led her to pursue nutritional therapy and lifestyle medicine. She shares advice she wished she received when she was younger, like exploring different career options and taking care of her skin with SPF. We also discuss how focusing on a whole-food diet, regular physical activity, and quality sleep increases our quality of life.

“Once you start feeling the benefits of your actions, then it is self-perpetuating.” – Rachel Graham

This week on In the Doctor’s Chair:

  • The eight essential nutrients for women’s health during menopause
  • The challenges of overcoming sugar addiction
  • Why it’s so important to tame your sugar addiction
  • How to reduce your sugar intake and make more informed food choices
  • Rachel’s favorite personal wellness practices
  • How overcoming personal adversity led Rachel to nutritional therapy
  • Rachel’s advice to her younger self
  • The importance of prioritizing skin care and using SPF
  • How Rachel finds meaning in life

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