#124 Ask the Right Questions

How do you let go of petty resentments and destructive ideas holding you back from reaching your goals? I look to Benjamin Franklin, one of my favorite historical figures, because of his brilliance and his ability to hold himself accountable for his personal growth for guidance. Every day, Franklin would ask himself a series of introspective questions about the good he could do and what he could give back to the world, which nurtured his curiosity about the world around him and led him to be one of the most prolific thinkers the world has ever known.

Today, I guide you through a series of questions meant to help you develop a growth mindset and learn how to ask yourself the right questions to find your personal truth and foster your curiosity about the world around you. I help you identify your strengths and share some surprising traits that strong people have. I discuss the importance of gratitude and how focusing on abundance is more important than focusing on what you don’t have. I explain how you can incorporate these questions into your daily routine and how this practice can increase your well-being and relationships. I also discuss the benefits of incorporating appreciation into your life.

“A foundational habit brings perspective to the past, a sense of peace to the present moment, and a profound sense of hope and realistic optimism for a brighter, better future.” – Dr. Mark Rowe

This week on In the Doctor’s Chair:

  • How to ask yourself the right questions to foster health and well being
  • The questions I recommend asking yourself daily
  • The positive effects of being curious about the world around you
  • What Benjamin Franklin can teach us about the growth mindset
  • How letting go of negativity can help you re-charge and recenter


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