#122 When Men Delay Seeking Healthcare: The Dire Consequences of Not Asking For Help

The ideology that manly men never show weakness and never ask for help is a dangerous stereotype of masculinity that has profound health consequences. Far too often, I see men delay healthcare and lose out on years that they could have spent living healthier lives and enjoying time with their families. I even wrote a book, The Men’s Health Book: A Guide for the Irish Man, about the distressing gap in life expectancy between men and women. When I wrote the book in 2009, women lived, on average, 6 years longer than men. Since then, the gap has shrunk to 3.6 years, but it has led me to further study how men approach healthcare and why they delay seeking it out.

Today, I discuss men’s health and why it’s important for men to work with their doctors on a partnership approach to healthcare. I highlight why men often delay seeking medical attention and neglect their health, which can have negative consequences. I emphasize the need for men to take action and be proactive in caring for their health. I explore the reasons behind men’s health issues, including biological factors and societal beliefs, and encourage men to overcome their fears and seek help when needed. I also provide tips on how to have a productive doctor-patient relationship and stress the importance of being informed about one’s own health, including knowing the numbers related to blood pressure, cholesterol, belly fat, and other health markers.

“Become more of an active participant in your own well-being as opposed to simply a passive consumer of healthcare.” – Dr. Mark Rowe

This week on In the Doctor’s Chair:

  • The importance of a partnership approach to healthcare
  • How men’s health affects partners, wives, children, and friends
  • Why men so commonly delay seeking medical attention
  • How men can take action to look after their health
  • How testosterone can contribute to men’s health risks
  • Why it’s important to know your family history and basic health data
  • How lifestyle choices affect men’s health

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