#112 Staying Hydrated for Optimal Health

Water is essential to life. In fact, two-thirds of our bodies are comprised of water, and proper hydration is necessary for most of our body systems to function properly. In the short term, a lack of water will lead to death within three days. In the long term, chronic dehydration is linked to a variety of adverse health conditions, including kidney stones and disease, urinary tract infections, constipation, dry eye syndrome, cataracts, lung conditions, gallstones, colon cancer, heat stroke, heart disease, and weakened immune systems. So why don’t we drink more water?

Today, I highlight the importance of water on your overall health and how to make drinking more water a habit. I discuss the findings of several well-known studies demonstrating how water can prevent heart disease, cancer, and premature death. I debunk some common myths about how much water you actually need to drink throughout the day in order to stay hydrated and uncover some hidden sources of hydration. I caution you about the dangers of drinking too much water and help you find some easy ways to stay properly hydrated throughout your day. I also share the benefits of drinking more water on your weight and skin.

“Being well hydrated is connected with being biologically younger, having a lower risk of premature death, and a significantly lower risk of developing chronic adverse health conditions.”
– Dr. Mark Rowe


This week on In the Doctor’s Chair:

  • The negative outcomes of dehydration
  • What science can teach us about the benefits of drinking more water
  • How drinking water can reduce your risk of certain cancers
  • How dehydration affects your work performance
  • Do you really need to drink 8 glasses of water a day?
  • What happens if you drink too much water
  • The best sources of hydration
  • How drinking enough water can help with weight loss
  • Why drinking water is the fountain of youth


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