#110 Protecting Your Memory and Keeping Your Brain Healthy with the MIND Diet

Memory is one of the most important faculties. Not only does it allow us to relive the good times, but it also affects our mood and how we act and behave. Factors like stress, certain medications, illnesses, or the amount and quality of sleep can impact memory in the short term. With age, memory can decline as the risk of issues like dementia increases. Fortunately, losing your memory as you age is not a foregone conclusion. With a few lifestyle adjustments, it is possible to remain sharp into old age.

Today, I  share some lifestyle changes you can adopt to help protect both your memory and overall health, using my 93-year-old patient Mary as a real-life success story. I explain what the MIND diet is and why it helps to slow cognitive decline. I discuss the roles that sleep and stress play in maintaining a good memory. I recommend some fun ways to keep your brain health that will keep your social calendar full and make your next vacation easier. I also remind you that if you are experiencing any changes in your memory, you need to see your doctor.


“Dementia is not just about memory loss. It can impact the way you think, feel, act, and behave—and it’s certainly not a natural part of the aging process.”
– Dr. Mark Rowe


This week on In the Doctor’s Chair:

  • The factors that affect memory
  • Why loss of memory after the age of 65 is not normal and when you should consult your doctor
  • How your lifestyle can support brain health
  • What you can learn from my 93-year-old patient
  • What the MIND diet is, and why it’s effective in slowing cognitive decline
  • The link between chronic sleep issues and Alzheimer’s disease
  • How friends keep your memory sharp
  • How heart health affects brain health
  • The long-term effects of head injuries
  • How learning a language sharpens your memory

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