#108 Lifestyle Changes You Can Make to Support Your Immune System

How can you strengthen and support your immune system? When it’s working well, we take our immune systems for granted. But when we’re laid low by a virus or battling an auto-immune disease like arthritis, we quickly realize just how amazing and important our immune system can be – and how fragile. The stress of daily life can have long-lasting effects on your immune health. Fortunately, there are easy, accessible things you can do to help yourself ward off diseases and continue to support your immune health.

Today, I discuss what the immune system is and how its optimal function is vital for living a good, healthy life. I share my top tips for boosting the health of your immune system, from simple, easy-to-adopt health measures and small lifestyle changes to changing your diet and exercise routines. I recommend a fun, colorful way to approach healthy eating and discuss what foods you should avoid. I investigate the role that stress plays on immunity and the awful, lingering effects stress has on our long-term health. I also explain the difference between your biological age and your immunological age and share my favourite doctor-approved ways to relieve stress in your life.

“Your immune system is really fundamental for survival – and it’s essential for good health.”
– Dr. Mark Rowe


This week on In the Doctor’s Chair:

  • Why the immune system is so essential to life
  • Simple ways you can minimize your risk of infections
  • Lifestyle habits to adopt for better immune health
  • How food can help boost your immune system
  • Foods to avoid for better immunity
  • The role of stress in immune system health
  • The difference between biological age and immunological age
  • Ways to relieve stress to boost your immunity


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